Saturday, December 31, 2016

Boy, Oh Boy! A Baby quilt!

Here's one that came to me from a client all the way in Massachusetts!

I wish you could touch and hold this quilt in real life. It's a beautiful piece, but to me the real gem of it is its weight. This quilt top and backing are made of lightweight denim. It will make a perfect gift for a baby boy. Rugged and durable, but cuddly and comfy. There are pinstripes in some of the fabrics, which remind me of train engineers or old dairy farmers. I had a pair of Key brand bibs with that same pinstripe when I was in high school. Isn't it fun to imagine what this little boy will grow up to be?!

This is actually the first denim quilt I've ever worked with. I was a little worried about how well my machine would sew through it. The points of this pinwheel pattern made for some really bulky places - where there were several layers of denim to sew through. I raised my hopping foot a little, so it could clear those thick points, and my machine had no trouble whatsoever punching through the fabric. Yay!

I decided to use a quilting motif that had a lot of freedom of movement, because I wanted to make sure I could tack down those bulky points really well. These swirly whirlies allowed me to move throughout the quilt top with flexibility to make sure I covered all the territory I needed to.

This is the last quilt I completed in 2016. That makes 105 quilts for me this year, and 166 since getting my longarm quilting machine in August 2015. Here's hoping 2017 is as much quilting fun for me as was 2016. Happy new year, everyone!

 Here's one of those bulky seams, before being quilting through.

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