Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Danna's Donation Quilt

This quilt came from my client Danna, who will be donating it to her mom's sorority for their charity fundraiser. I was happy to give Danna my Charity-Rate quilting treatment - loose stippling for 1¢ per square inch. She also hired me to finish the binding for her, using my "effortless binding" technique. So when she got it back, it was ready to go raise some funds!

And yes - that's snow in the background. October 2, 2018, we received about 8" of snow, and we didn't get nearly as bad as some of neighboring areas. One client came today to pick up her quilt - she's lives about 40 minutes north of us, and they got 20"!

More granddaughter quilts from Donna

Donna has lots of granddaughters! I quilted a couple quilts for her earlier in the year, and this week I got to quilt two more! They are all flannel, super snuggly, filled with inspirational quotes, and ADORABLE!

Brenda Taylor's Jacobean Tapestry

This quilt came to me from Saskatchewan. I love receiving projects from far-away. It makes me feel like I've been there, too!

This is the third Jacobean quilt I've gotten to work on. Each one has had subtle differences. I don't like to completely repeat an exact quilting motif. It gets too boring!

Here's the first (class sample from Rumpled Quilt Skins). Here's the second. And here's Brenda's!

She did a superb job with all this intricate embroidery. I was honored she selected me to quilt it!

Bambi 2018

Every year, Rumpled Quilt Skins does a Block of the Month project, which they call their "Bambi". It's got an acronym that I can never remember! Here's a look at this year's!

Lorna's Promenade Redux

This table runner is taught in an applique class at Rumpled Quilt Skins in Okotoks, AB. The instructor, Lorna, is just the sweetest, warmest person. I always love quilting for her. View below the class sample. Class date is October 9, so call the shop to register right away!

Brenda Caron's Jacobean Tapestry

This is the second time I've gotten to work on this pattern. The first was when I quilted the class sample of it, for our local quilt shop in Okotoks, AB - Rumpled Quilt Skins.

Brenda chose shimmery, satiny fabric for the backing, and IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. The quilting shows up on it exquisitely! She also had me use the sateen for my "effortless binding". She brought extra yardage (uncut), and I completely finished it, using a piece of equipment that attaches to my domestic sewing machine. Honestly, without my binding tool, I'm not sure it would have been possible to use that slippery sateen for binding. I once tried to bind a ribbon quilt with satin, and it was a NIGHTMARE. But I think the binding turned out beautifully on this piece - thanks to my binding tool!

Brenda did such a great job on this piece! I was honored to be involved!

Melody's Western Wedding Gift

To my memory, this is probably THE most intricately appliqued quilt I've gotten to work on. It's not just plastered edge to edge with applique, but the size and number of appliqued pieces put it in a class of its own. There was also a significant amount hand embroidery, as well as other techniques and embellishments throughout. I told Melody she must be crazy!

This was a gift for her daughter and son-in-law on the occasion of their wedding. The branding irons in the boot bouquet in the center of the quilt are their personal ranch brands. There were just SO many teensy tiny details in this piece! Executed beautifully, no less. I'll make a few comments below, but there's no way I could ever catch it all!

Barbed wire was all hand embroidered.

Here you see a closer view of their personal brands in the bouquet of prairie flowers. Amazing!

Buttons on the pistols. Look at the TINY applique! 

Fringe on the cowgirls skirts - hand-sewn!