Monday, August 19, 2019

Radiant Elephant

This quilt was a real treat for me! Lots of plain-ish yellow fabric in the background for me to play in. I decided to try radiating lines out from the elephant, because it reminded me of the sound an elephant makes. Barbara's friend thought it looked like the elephant is walking out of the sun. I love that!

I've let my website get woe-fully out of date, so now it's been several weeks since I quilted this piece. And as a follow-up, I can tell you that this Radiant Elephant took 1st place in the "paper pieced" category at the Calgary Stampede. Thanks, Barbabar, for letting me be on your team!

Broken Rail Fence

Such a pretty color-way in this quilt! These fabrics were part of a line, and they meshed together just beautifully. The parallel strips remind me of a tradition "rail fence" block, but they're in a fun re-arrangement. I quilted swirling feathers edge-to-edge, and love how it turned out!


Beginner's Strip Quilt

This is a very basic quilt top, made entirely of "jelly roll" strips. A jelly roll is a pre-cut package of fabrics, that you can buy at a quilt shop. So, even a beginner could ably complete this quilt! You just sew those strips together until you get the size of quilt you want! I quilted swirls and paisleys from edge to edge of this subtle quilt. I like how it turned out!

Cathy's Braided Quilt

I love this french-braid design in the quilt top. And the color-way is so classy and elegant. I loved quilting an edge-to-edge design of paisleys. So pretty!

Balloon Quilt

Cute little baby quilt here. I outlined the balloons, but left them basically unquilted, so that they would be puffy and draw the viewer's eye. And I surround them with meandering loops. I just love this quilt design!

Wedding Pendent Quilt

The triangle pieces in this quilt top were originally stitched together into a long rope of pendents, as a wedding decoration. Can't you just imagine how beautiful this wedding was? The lightly pattern fabric between the rows of triangles gave me a fun playground to quilt on. Just some light stitching in the ditch of the triangles let them puff up and be featured.

Danielle's T-Shirt Quilt

I made this quilt from start to finish, using the owner's memory-filled t-shirts as the quilt top fabric. I can tell a lot of good times happened in these shirts! I serged the t-shirt squares together and then quilted them onto a backing of polar fleece, WITHOUT batting. It's supple and drapey and cuddly. From good times of the past, on to good times in the future!

Kathy's Embroidery Showpiece

I love vintage-feeling quilts. The hand embroidery in each of these alphabet squares reminds me of a baby quilt my great-grandmother made for me. It's been a long while since I got to quilt this piece, but now in the heat of August, I'm feeling nostalgic for the snow and cold of this quilt's season!

Linda H's Jacobean Tapestry

Yet another beautiful Jacobean Tapestry quilt here. I love this shimmery, satiny fabric. It really shows off the quilting and embroidery well! And there's LOTS of embroidery in this pattern. So gorgeous!

Grad Quilt

Here's a quilt that was made for a granddaughter (who happens to be one of our favorite neighbors!), for her high school graduation. This is a STAR of a girl, with lots of potential! This quilt, pieced by her grandma Rosemarie, was full of inspirational quotes, sure to offer guidance to her in her bright future!