T-Shirt Quilts

I've been a prolific quilter for many years, obsessed with this traditional artform. Along the way, I've seen t-shirt quilts made by other quilters, but I've always cringed at the idea, because I was super intimidated by the stretchy knit material that t-shirts are made of.

But when a client (and friend) asked if I could make a t-shirt quilt for her ailing sister, I knew I needed to help her. I developed a method of piecing the stretchy t-shirts that ended up being SO FUN for me! I loved the entire process! I worked with all those t-shirts (and the memories they represented) and felt like I was part of their family history!
These quilts make an extra special gift for a graduate (all those sports and club t-shirts!). They're also a great way to preserve memories for a child (baby clothes) or a family member (grandpa's community club shirts).

How does it work? What do you have to do?
 Bring me t-shirts.... that's all!

I will sort them, cut them, piece them, quilt them, and bind them into a finished piece. T-Shirts will be cut it to 10-12” squares, including as much of the artwork as possible. I will sew the t-shirt blocks directly to each other (with no sashing or borders).

It will be backed with super cuddly fleece... warm and cozy! My t-shirt quilts do NOT use batting. The t-shirts and fleece are so very supple and cuddly, without the added structure of batting. However, if you prefer batting to be included, it is available for an additional fee.

Quilting will be a simple meandering pattern. I will bind the quilt edges with cotton quilting fabric. Backing and binding will be solid-colored or subtly-patterned, and I will try to match a predominant color that appears in the quilt top as closely as possible.

Should I wash them first?
Please do wash them. But please DO NOT CUT them. If you have any older shirts with holes or stains, they may still be useable! I can either cut them strategically, or applique a scrap of t-shirt fabric over the hole as a patch (additional fee).

How many t-shirts do I need? What is the cost?

Each shirt counts as one panel. If you want to use the back side of a shirt as well, that shirt counts as two panels.

If you have extras, please bring them. That will give me the freedom to use t-shirts that fit the quilt block size the best. I will return any un-cut t-shirts to you. I will not return t-shirt remnants/scraps, unless requested.

If you don’t have enough t-shirts for the size of quilt you want, I can add fabric fillers. Also, if your clothes are smaller than the standard 12" square (like baby clothes), I can cut create a custom layout for your quilt using smaller pieces. Get in touch with me to discuss a plans and pricing.

Prices above do not include tax or shipping costs. Shipping to and from me should be via Postal Service. No couriers/delivery services. 

How long does it take?
Turn-around time is 4-6 weeks after receiving your t-shirts until it is ready to return to you. If you're in a hurry, get in touch with me. I can do my best to work around a tighter timeframe, if possible. 

How do I get my t-shirts to you?
You can get your shirts to me by mail or by dropping it off in person (by appointment). I live on an acreage west of High River, Alberta. I'm also happy to meet clients in High River / Okotoks at a mutually convenient time. Shipping to and from me should be via Postal Service. No couriers/delivery services.

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