Monday, September 17, 2018

100th Quilt - Lisa's Wedding Gift

Gosh! I've gotten to work on a lot of wedding gifts lately! Actually, I believe this one was an ANNIVERSARY gift. It was for one of Lisa's bridesmaids from her own wedding years ago. This is such a cheerful, happy piece. Here's to many more years of happiness!

Sidebar: This is the 100th quilt I worked on in 2018! Completed August 11th. That's earlier than last year's 100th quilt (completed on Sept 13, 2017). I've had SO much fun with ALL the quilts I've be entrusted with. I love this job!

Sylvia's Wedding Gift

This is a piece made by my quilty friend, Sylvia, for a pair of friends of hers who are getting married. I loved the simplicity and classic feel of her pattern - traditional 9-patch on point, with sashing strips between. So I went with a simple and classic quilting scheme. I hope it brings many blessings to the new couple!

Gail's Modern Quilt

This is a really sharp, striking quilt from Gail. It's mostly white, which poses SO many wonderful options for a quilter. I had thought of going several different directions before letting this quilt just tell me what it wanted!

Adena's Wedding Gift

You guys! It's been a very long time since I've shared photos of my clients beautiful quilts! I was a away for a couple weeks, traveling in the US, but also, I've been busy getting my girls into school. Hoxie started Kindergarten! And Cordie started Pre-School! It's such a fun time in their lives!

At any rate, I'm catching up on posts on my blog. Here's a quilt I worked on back in August. It was made for a grandson and his betrothed, as a wedding gift. I think they are very lucky to have such a generous Grandma!