Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kathy's Tulips

This fun and whimsical piece came to me from a new client named Kathy. She brought me this piece, and referenced examples of quilting that she liked - and they were on my own website! That's always fun! I occasionally have people show me photos or patterns (from other quilters online or in magazines) and ask for the same treatment to their quilt. I can never agree to do the EXACT same treatment, because I wouldn't want to straight-out copy another person's work. But it's always helpful to see photos of work (no matter who did it) that my clients like, because it gives me an idea of what shapes, motifs, and ideas they like, which gives me a guide for deciding what to put on their quilt.

I know lots of readers will want to know more about the pattern and fabrics for this, so I asked Kathy. Here's what she said...
The pattern was Totally Tulips by Missouri Star Quilt Company. Jenny did a tutorial on it on YouTube. I watched the tutorial and ordered a layer cake of Tula Pink's Tabby Road from MSQ to make the tulips and leaves. The borders are Kaffe Fasset Paint Pots.

It's such a lovely piece, and Kathy executed the piecing so beautifully. We decided to use TWO layers of Hobbs wool (machine washable and dryable). It has TONS of dimensions and will be so great as a bed quilt!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Donna's Urban Windows

This is a pattern by Jenny Pedigo at Sew Kind Of Wonderful. Beautifully executed by my client, Donna. She wanted it not-too-densely quilted, so that it will still be cuddly on their bed. She also liked the bead-board quilting that was on the original pattern photograph, so we agreed to replicate the same theme in the background of her quilt. I added some simple embellishments in the "windows". I think the overall effect is classic, understated, and tasteful. I like it!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Red & White Wedding Quilt

This dainty quilt top was made by my quilty friend, Trisha. She always does such great technical work, and from an artistic stand-point, her taste is flawless. I have never seen her miss! This quilt will go to a loved one, as a wedding gift. I hope they love it!

A Pair of Quilts from a Pair of Lovely Ladies

I always love getting visits from this mother-daughter duo. They are both just so good-natured and sweet. And so are their quilts! Mom (Sandra) pieced the vibrantly-colored, scrappy quilt you see on top in the photo below. Daughter (Leigh) pieced the navy-and-maroon rail fence quilt. They are both lovely pieces, and I enjoyed applying edge-to-edge quilting schemes. These will be great, serviceable home accents.

Elenora's Stars

Here's a piece that Elenora put a LOT of time into. The stars are pretty small, and there are DOZENS of them! She made this quilt to donate to a fundraiser, and I hope it brings in tons of money. It's worth it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Deb's Vintage Rose

This quilt came to me from British Columbia. Can - you - just - LOOK - at - this - piece??? It's amazing! Look at all those crazy angles and perfect points! Look at the precision and detail! Look at all the curves! I just. I mean. I can't even. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

I was SO honored that Deb trusted me to quilt this show-stopper for her. It was a joy to work on, and I love the way it turned out. I actually completed this work several months ago, but was sworn to secrecy until it made its public debut. Scroll to the bottom to see some more info about where this quilt has ended up and where it's going!

UPDATE: Deb entered this piece, as well as a previous piece I quilted for her, in her guild's bi-annual quilt show. There were over 300 quilts on display, and Deb's Vintage Rose made it in the Langley Advance (newspaper). It looks like a REALLY cool show, judging from the video. Maybe next time I'll have to make a little road trip! I'm told that both these quilts will also be traveling to the Portland Quilt Market. Go get 'em, Deb!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Pair of Granddaughter Quilts

Donna made these A-DOR-A-BLE quilts for two of her little granddaughters. A simple edge-to-edge stippling was all that these pieces needed, because the real star is the inspiration quotes and sayings that were embroidered throughout. Not to mention each girl's name stitched into each quilt. I hope Mara and Ruby love them!