Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Deb's Vintage Rose

This quilt came to me from British Columbia. Can - you - just - LOOK - at - this - piece??? It's amazing! Look at all those crazy angles and perfect points! Look at the precision and detail! Look at all the curves! I just. I mean. I can't even. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

I was SO honored that Deb trusted me to quilt this show-stopper for her. It was a joy to work on, and I love the way it turned out. I actually completed this work several months ago, but was sworn to secrecy until it made its public debut. Scroll to the bottom to see some more info about where this quilt has ended up and where it's going!

UPDATE: Deb entered this piece, as well as a previous piece I quilted for her, in her guild's bi-annual quilt show. There were over 300 quilts on display, and Deb's Vintage Rose made it in the Langley Advance (newspaper). It looks like a REALLY cool show, judging from the video. Maybe next time I'll have to make a little road trip! I'm told that both these quilts will also be traveling to the Portland Quilt Market. Go get 'em, Deb!