Saturday, March 30, 2019

6 Quilts!

Here's a batch of SIX quilts that came from one very productive lady! A simple Edge-to-edge treatment for each of them was the order of the day. Plus, I got to attach my favorite "Effortless Binding". Fun!

Leigh's Tumbler Quilt

A bit of  light custom quilting on this lovely piece. I simple love "orange peel" quilting. It's so therapeutic!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Forgotten Quilt

Oh, man! I was just looking back through my photos, trying to find a certain pic of my daughters, and I realized there was a quilt that I never posted! This one is from all the way back in October. At long last, here it is!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Karen's Scarlet & Tan quilt

Here's a gorgeous piece from Karen. I love these colors! And the solid tan border gave me a perfect playground for quilting some scrolling feathers. I also had fun applying my "effortless binding". It's so fun to give a quilt back to its owner completely finished!

Bouncing Baby quilt

This adorable baby quilt is so cheerful and happy! I quilted bouncing balls all over it. And with fuzzy fireside backing, it will be a so cuddly quilt for the child it's for.

Green & Black Stars

This quilt from Janet was made as a gift for a family member. It is absolutely lovely, and will be warm with cozy flannel as the backing. I applied an edge-to-edge quilting scheme of large-scale woodgrain. It will be serviceable for many years to come.

Jodi's Blue Dream

This quilt came to me from Ohio - from a cousin of mine! Jodi is a little bit distant family, but we are indeed related! We are second cousins, once removed. And even if we weren't blood relation, we'd be in the family of quilters!

A master quilter, this top was perfectly pieced. The blue hues had me in mind of the sky and the sea. So I quilted stars and waves throughout this piece. I also got to apply binding to it - which I LOVE to do! All finished up, and on its way back to Ohio!