Services & Pricing

Quilting & Finishing

I began free-motion quilting on my domestic sewing machine, and fell in love with it. For a long time, I held out and tried to convince myself that I could do everything I wanted to do on my trusty little Janome. But after lots of research and soul-searching, I upgraded to an APQS longarm quilting machine in August 2015, which has increased my level of productivity IMMENSELY. With two toddlers, my time is limited, and by converting to a longarm system, I can get much more done during naptime!

I continue to do strictly free motion quilting - no computers. This allows me to pay undivided attention to every square inch of a quilt, touching it with my hands and working a little love into every stitch. And without automation or even pantographs, every project is unique and individual. My style is quaint and folksy, making my projects all the more endearing. They are home-made and charming, not mass-produced and computerized.

Please note: Backing fabric must be at least 8" wider and longer than the quilt top (4" per side). If you provide your own batting, it must be at least 6" wider and longer than the quilt top (3" per side).
Highly Recommended: I strongly encourage pressing your seams to one side while piecing, rather than pressing them open. It allows me to stitch-in-the-ditch without piercing structural threads and compromising the integrity of the piecing.

NEW: PLEASE READ! I cannot work with unsecured applique. All edges of appliques must be stitched by you before sending the quilt to me. Also, I cannot guarantee that I can work with heavily fused applique. The stiffness/thickness can sometimes cause problems with thread shredding, needle breaks, skipped stitches, etc. 

Quilting Prices

Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars. If you are American, I will charge you in USD, according to current conversion rates.
See photos of samples below. Click on photos to see a larger version and scroll through.

Edge-To-Edge Stippling - 2¢ per square inch, including thread

Non-backtracking edge-to-edge designs - 2.5¢ per square inch, including thread
• For example: paisleys, swirl-hooks, hearts and/or loops, woodgrain, etc.

Backtracking edge-to-edge designs - 3¢ per square inch, including thread
• For example: meandering feathers, swirling feathers, horse’s mane, overlapping curly cues, etc.
• These designs take a little more time, because they involve me carefully tracing over lines I just stitched

Custom Designs - starting at 4¢ per square inch, including thread
• Contact me for a quote. Email me a straight-on photo of your quilt top, and I can even draw up some sketches to give you some options!

Charity Quilting - many of my generous clients donate quilts to various causes, like Victoria Quilts, Hospital Auxiliary, etc. For these projects, I'm happy to offer a special rate, in the following manner.
• 1¢ per square inch for medium-density stippling (that's 50% off the regular rate!)
• Thread charge of $2 per bobbin (most lap-size quilts require approx. 3 bobbins, FYI)
• Batting and binding prices are same as normal (see below). You're welcome to provide your own batting.
• I will work these projects into my lineup as scheduling allows. No deadlines for charity quilts.
• If you change your mind and decide to keep your quilt or use it for purposes other than charity, no problem! I LOVE when clients fall in love with their own quilts all over again and can't bear to part with them! Just let me know, and I can bill you for the difference in quilting prices or add it to your next invoice. I appreciate your respect, and I'm trusting you not to take advantage.

Thread - I use primarily Glide 40-wt polyester. It is strong and long-lasting, with a beautiful slight-sheen.
• I have a fairly wide range of color options, and I can order new colors on demand, but you should keep in mind this may cause delays.
• I do not stock any variegates.
• If you would like to provide your own thread, I will try it out, but I cannot guarantee it will work with my machine.
• No discounts for providing your own thread.

Stippling - 2¢ psi
Paisley - 2.5¢ psi
Swirls and Hooks - 2.5¢ psi
Hearts and Loops - 2.5¢ psi

Woodgrain - 2.5¢ psi

Meandering Feathers - 3¢ psi

Swirling Feathers - 3¢ psi
Horse's Mane - 3¢ psi
Overlapping Curly Cues - 3¢ psi


For your convenience, I carry the following three choices of batting:
• Hobbs 80/20 batting, which is 120" wide, for $5 per foot
• NEW! Hobbs Tuscany Washable Wool, which is 96" wide, for $7 per foot
• I will cut it so that you pay for the shortest width of your quilt. So, for example, if your quilt is 68" x 96", it would require 6 feet of batting for a charge of $24 (for Hobbs 80/20).
• If you choose to use your own batting, I can work with whatever you prefer.

Binding Services

CHEAPEST: 10¢ per linear inch
- you provide prepared binding in one long strip, ironed in half lengthwise
- strips should be cut 2.25" wide, before folding and ironing
- I attach binding to front of quilt
- returns to you ready for you to sew by hand or machine to the back of the quilt

EASIER: 15¢ per linear inch
- you provide raw yardage fabric, and I cut, piece, and press into binding strip
- I attach binding to front of quilt
- returns to you ready for you to sew by hand or machine to the back of the quilt

EFFORTLESS: 23¢ CAD per linear inch ($.18 USD)
- you provide raw yardage fabric, and I cut, piece, and press into binding strip
(check with me to see how much yardage I'll need for your quilt size)
- I can even use the excess backing fabric from your quilt and turn it into binding, if desired. 
- I machine stitch the binding to the front and back of your quilt
- returns to you completely finished and ready to use

$2,000,000 = flat charge if you want me to hand-stitch the binding to the back of the quilt
Free = I will teach you how to hand-stitch the binding to the back of the quilt yourself

Creating Rod Pocket and Sewing into Binding

$10.00 - You will need to hand stitch the bottom of the rod pocket into the back side of the quilt.

Attaching Leaders or Seaming Backing

$10.00 per leader/seam