Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Charleen's Hashtag Quilt

This fun quilt was from a new client, Charleen. I enjoyed the simple task of applying E2E loops. It's always a nice relief to just unplug my brain and let the quilting flow out of me in a job like this one. Nice to meet you, Charleen, and thanks for trusting your quilt to me!

Joni's Yellow & Gray Set

Joni is one of the most generous people I know. Not to mention one of the most precise quilters I get to work with. She often pieces her quilts with double layers of fabric to the quilt top, not to mention that she starches heavily as she's pressing. And she also often has me use two layers of batting. For anyone who prefers a heavy quilt, you would LOVE Joni's. This set of two quilts and four placemats was for a friend. What a lucky friend!

Brenda's "Through The Woods"

This embroidery-and-piecing pattern has been the gift that keeps on giving! It was taught as a class at Rumpled Quilt Skins in Okotoks, AB, and I have been so honored to quilt several of the attendees' finished homework. This one is for my dear client, Brenda. Good job, Brenda!

Thimbleberries Quilt

I love the colors in this piece. Thimbleberries is a line of fabrics that I would call "primitive country" - colors are earthtones and autumntons and prints are usually some kind of floral/vine-look. I love them! I've never met a Thimbleberries quilt I didn't like!

To go with the traditional feel, I quilted E2E swirling feathers. Feathers, especially, are a very classic quilting motif. And the flowing, rounded, meandering feel accented the piecing and prints well, in my opinion!

Joy's Multi-colored quilt

Such a pretty piece! It's fun, but classy. I had fun applying an E2E motif of swirls and leaves, which makes me sorta think of rosebuds. I thought it would go nicely with the floral prints in this piece.

Shawna's Winter Quilt

I love the tranquil colors in this quilt. It's elegant and classy and calming. Some of the prints have a wintry-ness to them, but it's so subtle that you might not even notice. This will be a cuddly friend, for the cold months ahead!

Barb's Foxes

Look at these fun foxes! I love that they are not the colors of nature. They are foxy! Especially that cheeky one with glasses!

Exotic Animals

This piece has a LOT going on in it. The prints in the fabric are intricate and interesting. Flowers and zebras and giraffes and lions and paisleys and spirals and.... oh, my!!

Karen's Feather Fun

Karen brought me this lovely quilt that was made of large half- and quarter-square-triangles. The piecing provided large spaces that were a quilter's playground. The solid-colored fabrics show off the quilting really well, and Karen liked the idea of feathers. Who doesn't love feathers!? My Effortless Binding finished off the piece so that she was ready to use it when she got it back.

Two for Jennifer

These two embroidered cuties were a breeze to quilt and bind with my effortless binding. Jenn got them back completely finished and ready to use!