Thursday, May 2, 2019

Baby Bunnies

Look how precious this is!!! With cozy flannels, an adorable panel, flange, and 3D pinwheels, it's just so yummy! Mary did a great job knocking this one out of the park! It was so fun for me to quilt it for her!

Mary's Victorian Christmas Quilt

This the third quilt of this pattern that I've had the privilege to work on. Every time I see one, I think of something different I want to do. This quilt was also different, because it had a plain border, which gave me a great chance to play with feathers!

Grandson's Quilt

Yet another quilt for one of Donna's grandchildren. This same quilt came to me a few weeks ago in a different color-way for a granddaughter, and this one is for a grandson named Kai. Lucky Kai!

Joni's Christmas Set

I LOVE quilting on solid colors. The white border surrounding this Christmas quilt and table runner gives such a great canvas for a quilter to work on. I love how clean and crisp these pieces turned out. I love how simple they are. I love quilting for Joni!

Three Look-Alikes

My client Joni - a PERFECT PIECER - brought me these three scrap quilts, which were pieced from her stash. I really just can't even imagine the size and scope of her stash, that it could create three such GORGEOUS pieces!

I gave them all edge-to-edge treatments, but each got there own. One was meandering loops and paisleys, one was peonies, and one was swirls.

Swedish Table Runner

This quilt was partially quilted by the client, because the crosshatch quilting was incorporated into the embroidery software. All I had to do was add some filler in the border. Look at all the fun embroidery! Such a happy, proud piece! Makes me want to be Swedish!

Log Cabin Wedding Quilt

An edge-to-edge mixture of swirls, paisleys, and meandering hearts brought this piece closer to finish. It will be a wedding gift from my client, Rosemarie. I talked to her today, and she finally finished the binding - a BIG endeavor, as this big mamba jamba is 100x100" big!

My First T-Shirt Quilt

I can't believe I've been so obsessed with quilting for so long, and yet, this is the first T-shirt quilt I ever pieced! This was a start-to-finish project for a client of mine. She brought me 30-or-so t-shirts and items of clothing, and it got returned to her a finished piece. It was a really fun diversion from my usual workload!

I did NOT put batting inside this quilt. I used fleece as backing, and it turned out so very supple and cuddly. It will be for a wheelchair-bound family member, and I think it will be just right!

I had SO much fun imagining all the memories that were involved in each of these t-shirts!

One of the t-shirts had a pretty un-ignorable hole in it, so I appliqued a scrap from a different quilt over top.

This is my attempt to show you how drapey and supple this quilt is. It has no body or memory.

My daughters really wanted to cuddle with this quilt. Normally I don't let them touch clients' quilts, but in this case I couldn't see the harm. The t-shirts had not only been touched before - they had been worn!