Thursday, May 2, 2019

RQS Victorian Christmas Quilt

This piece is the same pattern as Brenda's Puffy Christmas Quilt, but it turned out quite differently. Obviously the color choices are different in the thread and fabric, but also the batting and quilting styles were quite a departure from the first version I quilted.

Linda @ Rumpled Quilt Skins, in Okotoks, AB, wanted this quilt to be very flat, not puffy at all. So, where I left much of the real estate on Brenda's quilt untouched, on this one I filled up every nook and cranny I could find. I used clear, mono-filament thread, because I knew I'd be practically covering this thing in thread, and I didn't want it to detract from all the exquisite embroidery. Between the embroidery and the quilting, there is just SO MUCH THREAD on this quilt! We also used a REALLY flat, low-loft batting, with barely any body at all.

I've gotten to quilt two of the "same" quilt, and I like them both equally!

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