Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jane's Silent Auction quilt

This was a recent donation-quilt from my good friend, Jane. She pieced the top, and hired me to quilt it and affix the binding to the front. She will finished the back of the binding by hand and then consign it to a fundraising auction, which will go to benefit the orphanage in the small town where Jane and her husband spend their winters in Mexico.

I have so many generous clients who donate their time and goods to worthwhile events - whether it be silent auctions, Victoria quilts, hospital fundraisers, or more. These generous quilters inspired me to create a special pricing category for donation projects - 1¢ per square inch + $2 per bobbin, for medium density stippling. Click here for more details.

Good job on this beautiful and inspiring quilt, Jane! It'll be sure to catch lots of eyes and bring money to a worthy cause!

A note from Jane: Did you know that WestJet transports donation items at no charge, as long as it’s all set up in advance?  You just phone or Facebook WestJet in advance and have a note added to your reservation code, and they check it through to your destination at no charge.  

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