Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bouncing Baby quilt

Here's a cutie-patootie little baby quilt from Renee-from-Washington (I like to think of her as one hyphenated entity, like, Diana-Princess-of-Whales, or Queen-Anna-of-Arendale. She's Renee-from-Washington).

I believe this little gem is intended for a grandchild, and this bouncy ball-ish edge-to-edge quilting motif will be very serviceable for the rugged use that baby blankies often (lovingly) receive. Plus, it's a little on the sparser side, which allows the batting to stay puffy and fluffy, cuddly and warm.

The tricky part of this quilt was that Renee had actually already started quilting it herself on her domestic sewing machine at one point. She had sewn in the ditch around each of the larger blocks, and then changed her mind and put it away. So, I couldn't load the backing fabric on my longarm quilting frame, the way I usually do. It was already secured into a "quilt sandwich". Thankfully, she had done a stellar job of keeping the layers all smooth and wrinkle free, so that was no problem. The catch was that there was very little extra backing fabric surrounding the quilt top, which I need to attach to my quilting frame. So, I figured, there's more than one way to skin a cat! I sewed 6" leaders (strips of scrap fabric) to the top and bottom of this little quilt, and voila! I've got my loading fabric!

My quilting is all free-motion, hand-guided on an APQS longarm quilting machine.

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