Thursday, December 29, 2016

Clear thread is difficult to photograph!

Okay, this one was a challenge. My quilting-friend, Bev, brought me this quilt, which is to be a Christmas gift for her niece, who loves cats. Bev created a funky and fun layout for the quilt top, using some really vibrant fabrics, featuring felines. The color variations in this quilt were SO bold, that I really didn't know WHAT color of thread to use. And with no color that would "blend", I didn't want whatever color I chose to compete with the focal-point fabrics and distract from them. So I chose mono-filament thread, which is clear.

The challenge then became keeping track of where I had quilted and where I hadn't. I truly couldn't tell, while on the fly. I ended up having to run my left hand along the quilt top, essentially covering up the areas that had been quilted, so that I didn't have to stop every other second to re-evaluate which real estate still needed filling. Thankfully, I didn't sew over my hand.

But, in the end, I'm confident that I made my way systematically through the piece, and that Bev's niece is gonna be warm and cozy in it!

Picturing the finished piece was a whole other challenge! Good luck seeing the quilting in these photos! Ha!

You see what I mean? Try seeing the quilting in there!

With a flannel backing, this little lap quilt is gonna be so cozy!

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