Sunday, October 8, 2017

Peggy's "Tis The Season"

This beautifully executed piece came to me from Peggy in Lethbridge. She was at Rumpled Quilt Skins shop in Okotoks, AB, and she saw the store sample for this pattern, called "Tis The Season", which I quilted. She liked it, so she bought the pattern and completed it for herself. And I was so glad she asked me to quilt it for her!

This quilt had a variation in fabric from the store sample. Originally the background fabric was a satiny, shimmery fabric. Instead Peggy made her quilt with osnaburg fabric, which is grainy and loosely-woven, almost like homespun. It is wonderful! Gave the quilt a more rustic feel, charming and folksy.

I made a few quilting changes from the original piece, as well. Holly and berries in the inner blue teal border. Ribbon candy in the wider outer border. Serpentine in the background of the outer embroidered border. I think most of the other motifs are roughly the same.

Peggy did a STELLAR job with all this intricate embroidery. Her piecing was perfect. Everything was flat and straight and square. It made this piece a joy to quilt! I am so pleased with the results. This quilt will be sure to add holiday warmth to Peggy's home come Christmas. Yay!

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