Sunday, October 8, 2017

Danna #4 of 4

Whew! Danna, you are so productive! This is the fourth and final piece in the first-ever batch of quilts that Danna brought me to quilt for her. Gosh, I've loved every one!

This is one that Danna actually made for herself, which is always a fun treat for me - to quilt a piece that the piecer gets to have in her home! Danna wanted custom quilting and let me have free rein. I felt like the multi-colored batik fabric had enough color and value variation that the quilting wasn't going to show up TOO well, so I didn't take the time to put anything too structured in those areas. If you look closely at the outer border, it's kinda like an i-spy quilting motif challenge. There's a bouquet of several quilting motifs in there - peonies, paisleys, swirls, serpentine grid, headbands, leaves, and more.

This is a medallion-style quilt. There's a centerpiece, and the design of the quilt top develops outward from the center. In the very center star, I used some dot-to-dot quilting, filled with ribbon candy and concentric swirls.

In the bright blue background, I used some channels (parallel lines) radiating out from the center, and filled in between with varying sizes of ribbon candy.

"Effortless Binding" finished off this piece, so that it was ready to use when Danna picked it up. Voila!

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