Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Joy's Broken Compass

One word for this quilt - WOW! Joy did a BANG UP job on this intricate piece. Look at all those dramatic angles! Look at all those perfect points! I assume paper-piecing was involved, and I'm glad I wasn't the one who pieced it. But I'm SURE glad I got to quilt it!

I don't know what the pattern name is for this quilt, but the starburst shapes throughout remind me of half of a mariner's compass. So I'll nickname this quilt "Joy's Broken Compass". All the more punny, because most of the quilts Joy has brought me to work on were from her times on quilt cruises. I sure hope the cruise ships didn't have broken compasses! Ha!

Okay, enough for the corny humor. Joy told me to do whatever I wanted on this gorgeous piece. I went with dot-to-dot quilting in the center, along with some overlapping swirls, and some simple stitch-in-the-ditch. Double "wave border" in the light teal strips. Ribbon candy in the sky blue areas. More dot-to-dot ruler work in the blue and purple borders - which was VERY time-consuming, but I think stunning. I told Joy I wasn't sure I was ever gonna find my way out of this quilt. Maybe MY compass is broken! I'm sorry - it was just laying there waiting for me to make the joke. I'll stop now!

Notice the FINISHED binding on this piece. Joy brought me raw yardage fabric, and I turned it into a bound quilt, so that when she received it back, it was finished and ready to use. More info about binding options available on my Services & Pricing page, if you scroll to the bottom.


  1. Love how you quilted this Carrie. So many aspects of it I really love especially the addition of backfill designs around the dot to dot quilting. I'm sure Joy loves her finished quilt.

  2. Beautiful the way the piecing and quilting work together. It's lovely.