Friday, December 29, 2017

Country Lane Raffle Quilt

This is a raffle quilt for a local quilt guild. It's called the Country Lane Quilt Guild, and they meet at the beautiful old Anglican church east of Millarville, Alberta. This quilt will be raffled off, to raise money that will be used to pay for fabric, batting, and thread. These supplies will let the group continue their work creating comfort quilts that they give away to people in need or having tough times - Rowan House, Teen Challenge, or other groups that request a little dose of cozy love for a person or family. Tickets will be on sale by members of the Country Lane group starting in January 2018. For further info about this fundraiser or about the group, email

The Country Lane quilters pieced this quilt together and brought it to me for quilting. I applied my "charity rate" edge-to-edge stipping, for just a penny per square inch. I think it turned out nicely, and allows the gorgeous fabrics to really shine, without hogging attention from them. It's a beautiful piece!

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