Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Carol Anne's Christmas quilt

Here's the sister-quilt to the one I blogged about last time. This one came from Carol Anne. She and her friend, Kathy, each pieced the same pattern, with a different fabric selection.

Carol Anne's (below) had some pretty bold prints in the interior part of the quilt. I didn't feel that the large-scale, high-contrast fabrics in the middle would really allow the quilting to show up well, so I didn't take a lot of time quilting anything too intricate in it. Just edge-to-edge swirls in the center part. Then half-feather wreaths in the tan setting-triangles. Holly leaves and berries in the thin red border and more swirls in the green outer border.

I love the way each of these two quilts turned out, and I love imagining these two friends working on them together. Quilting is such a good activity for kindred spirits!

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