Saturday, December 9, 2017

Bev's Repro Quilt

Okay, so, I think I can safely say that this is the most UNUSUAL quilt I've ever gotten to work on. Never in all my memory can I remember even seeing a quilt with a double-helix (DNA) or a fetus in utero. This one should get some kind of award!

It came from my quilty friend, Bev. I asked her to type up a little info with the story behind it. She shares...
"The quilt top was in the back of my cousin's closet for 40 years. It was made by their UBC (Univ. of British Columbia) friends when they were going to university in the '70s and residing at Reagent College. They were engaged, soon to be married, and part of their church's marriage enrichment group. Anne graduated from medicine, and John with a forestry engineering degree. I accepted the challenge to finish the quilt as a surprise Christmas present to Anne from John, knowing that you could perform your custom quilting magic."

I wish you viewers could get a look at these quilt blocks up close and in person. It's all hand-work. Hand-appliqued, hand-embroidered, hand-painted, hand-dyed. There are wools and felts and wonderful details. I wish I could be there to see Anne's face when John gives it to her!

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