Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christine's family quilt for Gpa

This was a joint family effort for a quilty friend of mine. Christine did the actual construction of the quilt top, but her kids were the ones that picked the quilting motif. When they came to my studio to drop off this lovely quilt top, they picked out "pebbles" from my book of quilt samples.

This will be a gift for Christine's grandpa. So, in the mind frame of cuddliness, I applied very large pebbles to the piece. If they were too small, the quilt would have been too stiff. But as is, it should be warm and soft - not to mention beautiful! Christine, you're a good granddaughter!

1 comment:

  1. You do absolutely amazing, beautiful work. I have not quilted in several years, but so ready to get back into it. Do you offer any patterns to do the top part of the quilt. I don't do the quilting part, only the top. That is the most fun for me. And I don't have a quilting machine. LOL