Thursday, March 3, 2016

Janet's Pair of Fun Quilts

My client, Janet, brought me these two quilt tops to finish for her son and daughter-in-law. Such fun, bold colors! She wanted all-over quilting, and picked two patterns from my sample book: overlapping swirls for one and paisleys for the other.

I really enjoy all-over orders - they are a little bit of a break, compared to the more complicated and intricate work I do on custom quilting jobs. I love both kinds of work. If I only did all-over patterns, I'd probably get bored. Custom quilting gives me the thrill of challenge, creativity, and self-expression. But after the mental strain of a particularly complex custom-quilting job, it's so much fun to un-plug my brain and just skate through some wide-open space.

I think my clients appreciate having the option of switching it up, too. Many of my repeat customers bring quilts on a regular basis and choose the more affordable option of all-over designs, and they save up a special custom order for the quilts that are their real show-stoppers. Not every quilt needs to be an heirloom with super detailed quilting. Sometimes simple and sweet is the best plan for the job!

Even though this was an all-over order for concentric swirls, I felt the urge to include something unexpected, just for fun. You can kinda see in the middle-ish area of this photo, I put a wavy line of circles (aka pebbles) horizontally across this quilt. 

The back of the first one.

Janet went with paisleys for this second quilt. 

My "unexpected" element in this one was a swath of leaves across it. It doesn't really show up much amongst the paisleys, if you're not looking for it.

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