Monday, March 7, 2016

Circles-In-Squares quilt

My client, Sarah, brought me this quilt, which she made as a gift for a loved one. Apparently, this piece began as a small wall-hanging and morphed into a giant bed quilt - 97x109". It called for lots of curved piecing, which is very tricky, because of the stretchiness of fabric on the bias (diagonal). 

For this piece, I felt like we needed to use one of my favorite ideas - juxtaposition. In the round spaces (circles), I used very straight and crisp grids. For the pointed background squares, I used flowing round-ish shapes. It was a large-scale quilting density, to make the quilt cuddly, at Sarah's request.

I really like how the grid quilting in the circles turned out. But I have to admit, I detested doing all the marking that it required. I think a crosshatch stencil and chalk pounce pad are in my future!

This quilt is so BIG! Here it is draped over a full-length couch, and still drooping down over the ends. 

Here's the back side. Sarah used lots of scraps to make this piece, which I love, because it makes everything so interesting! 

Cordelia insisted on "helping" me fold it up.


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