Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Nightmare Before Christmas Quilt

This was more of an "art quilt", the first I've ever worked on. It was brought to me by yet another lovely new client, Beth. It featured appliqué, hand embroidery, and paint.

Beth made it for her teenage daughter, I believe, who likes the Tim Burton movie. I, myself, had never seen "The Nightmare Before Christmas", but thankfully Netflix carries it. So I queued it up on the old computer and let it play while I was working on this quilt. I can't say it's a new fav or anything, but it was fun to see the scene where "Jack" sings and walks into the setting depicted on this quilt.

Lots of open space to fill here. Beth let me have total freedom with it. She had a photo of an example quilt that had a little bit of quilting in the moon, so I expanded upon that idea. The rest was just play. 

I divided up the black background with some straight channels and filled these sections with a variety of pebbles, overlapping swirls, and stippling. I went for a woodgrain-ish effect in the brown tree, but that proved tricky to execute, because the tree was much taller than the depth of my quilting frame. So I kept having to un-roll and re-roll my bars, to allow for long lines of woodgrain. 

Fun to play with a different style of quilting than I typically see!