Sunday, December 27, 2015

Linda's Chain Links Xmas Quilt

My new quilting friend, Linda, asked me to get this one done for her daughter for Christmas, just a couple weeks before the holiday. With my Christmas quilting list growing, I was worried I wouldn't be able to squeeze this one in, in time. But I toiled away in my little studio, and got it back to her a week before Christmas. In time to get the binding on and everything!

For the sake of timing, Linda asked me to just apply an all-over quilting motif, and I tried to play with my favorite old free-hand standby - swirls. I used some variations in the spacing to see how it would affect the overall look. Probably nobody else notices, but I can see a slight difference in this new approach and quite like how it turned out.

The piecing pattern sorta reminded me of interlocking squares/ovals, so I called it chain links. I have no idea what the actual pattern is called. At any rate, I think it's lovely!

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