Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cats in Frames Quilt

This quilt from new client Elenora was so cute that I just needed to let it shine. There are times when quilting can march out front-and-center and be a featured element in a completed quilt. But this piece had such bold color contrast, such identifiable centerpieces, such strong design... anything I tried to do with quilting would just interfere. So the best thing I could do was be invisible.

I used a simple allover design - a swirly, whirly mixture that would flow through all the straight lines of the quilt top construction. And I used monofilament thread, which is clear. I'm told that years ago, when monofilament threads were new on the market, they were course and thick, like fishing line. But nowadays they are soft and supple, and they just disappear into the fabric.

I had to work hard with the lighting to get my quilting to show up in photos. It's actually more visible on the back side because I used black bobbin thread.

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