Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Birds in Funky Frames Quilt

This is a second quilt from new client, Nicole. She had me do a table topper last month that was a gift for her sister, but I think she said she's keeping this one for herself. I'm so glad for her! It's a beautiful, colorful, and cuddly quilt, sure to keep anyone warm and cheerful on a winter's evening.

I'm the first longarm quilter that Nicole ever hired. I gave her a low-level price point and a high-level price point, and she asked me to stay somewhere in the middle. So I did some light custom work.

Ribbon candy in the sashing strips. Overlapping swirls in the outer border. Alternating rows of pebbles and peonies in the squares. Since the subject of this quilt is birds, I like how the pebbling kinda brings to mind eggs.

I kept the density a little on the sparser side, because I knew she wanted this to be a cuddly quilt. Dense quilting smashes down the batting, which is the layer of insulation that gives the quilt warmth. It also makes it stiffer. This one should be just right for cold nights ahead. Enjoy, Nicole!

For the backing, Nicole supplied a plush minky (sp?) fabric. It inspired Eric to volunteer his first commentary on a quilt in his life. "I like the looks of that fuzzy one. It looks warm." He's SUCH an art lover!

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