Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Joy's Snail Tail quilt

This quilt came from my productive client, Joy. Joy's favorite color is purple. Isn't it pretty?

The twisty turny effect of this "snail tail" pattern compelled me to accent the piecing by quilting a sorta whirlwind into it. I used lots of swirly variations throughout the piece, along with some dot-to-dot orange peel quilting. In the borders I quilted a wave effect, which has such great movement. I love the overall look!

My quilting is all free-motion, hand-guided on an APQS longarm quilting machine.

In addition to quilting and trimming this piece, I also applied my "Effortless Binding". Joy gave me yardage fabric for the binding, and when the quilt returned to her, it was completely finished and ready to use. I have a new tool that I've been using to create the double fold binding WHILE stitching it in place to the front AND back of the quilt simultaneously. I'm having such a ball getting used to my new tool!

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