Thursday, August 24, 2017

Christmas Stars

Part of the fun of my quilting job is that I get to start experiencing upcoming events (like Christmas) well ahead of the curve. I love Christmas, so it's very fun for me to dream of the white days to come, right here in the middle of August.

Dorothy brought me this great "star" quilt in Christmas fabrics, and let me have my way with it. We agreed that the green outer border made a great "canvas" for some feature quilting. It's a subtle print that pretty much reads as a "solid" color, so the quilting lines and texture will show up nicely. Being a quilt destined for a cuddly, cozy time of year, I didn't want to put a bunch of dense quilting on it, which would make it stiff.

So, for the outer border, I went with a simple arrangement of holly leaves and berries. Serpentine lines in the two thinner borders. And mid-to-sparse meandering stars in the interior. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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