Friday, June 10, 2016

Nadine's Black & Gold Quilt

This is just the 3rd quilt that my client, Nadine, has made. But it's obvious that she's done a lot of other kinds of sewing. She is a true technician. Points were crisp. Seams were flat. Everything was square and straight. It is a real joy for a quilter to work with something like this!

This is what I would consider a mid-level custom quilting job. Not too ornate. I did some differentiation in the body of the quilt by applying two different fill designs to alternating blocks, but I didn't go crazy making every single block unique and intricate. I added a little bling to the setting triangles around the perimeter, which I think turned out really well. Loved playing with a new curved "boomerang" ruler I recently purchased from Deloa Jones

All quilting is free-motion, hand-guided on a longarm quilting machine.

Every other block was filled with this swirl-feather filler that I learned from Judi Madsen via YouTube.

I tried a new-to-me fill pattern that was modeled on a design I saw by Christina Camelli. Beads on a string, with wavy lines between strings. A tiny bit time-consuming, but not bad, and I think the effect is worth it!


  1. Nice quilting choices! I like your approach to the quilting on this.

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