Monday, July 23, 2018

Lovely quilt for Lisa

My quilty friend, Lisa, is probably my most organized client. She always brings along pre-printed and filled-out order forms. She always has perfectly pieced backings and appropriately-sized battings. She always has a price-point in mind (which gives me some framework to know how intensely quilted it should be) and gives me lots of lead-time before deadlines. She is definitely an I dotter and T crosser.

So I just had to chuckle at this project, because uncharacteristically, this was a project that she had THOUGHT was already quilted. She had it tucked away to give for a future-dated gift event, and then she went hunting for it and realized it had indeed NOT been quilted! When she called me in a panic, I flat-out laughed!

I had no problem flipping this quilt around quickly for her (even in her caught-off-guard state, she was still WELL ahead of deadline!). Once again, another precise, gorgeous, well-crafted quilt by Lisa. Yummy homespun fabric and traditional design, along with earthone/jeweltone colors. My favs!


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