Monday, March 5, 2018

Funky Rail Fence quilt

This piece has so much fun whimsy. It's basically a rail fence design, but with room for improvisation on the piecer's part. A nod to the old-fashioned tradition of crazy quilts. This would be a really effective and fun way of working through a lot of small scraps - leftover binding strips, partial jelly rolls, odd-shaped bits. Love it!

In the spirit of whimsy and improvisation, I quilted piano keys in the black wide border, but I made them all sorts of widths and angles. I filled the interior section of rail fence with a mix of swirls, paisleys, and leaves. Serpentine in the two green borders, and leaves in the thinner black border. I echoed around all that exquisite embroidery a couple of times and then left them unquilted, so the batting under them popped them up and created a 3D effect.

Great job on this care-free (but deceptively well executed) quilt top, Fran!

 Darn sunlight streaming in my south-facing windows. Ignore the white glares!

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