Friday, March 9, 2018

Danna's Bambi

This is the fourth "Bambi" quilt I've gotten to work on. Here's the first from Robyn. Here's the second from Linda. Here's the third from Lorna. I have loved working on each one, and I think the owners of these quilts are amazing for letting me have my way with them. That's right - all four of these ladies told me to do whatever I wanted, with no requests or demands of any kind. To put that much work (not to mention MONEY!) into something and then just trust someone else to bring it home to the finish line. What if they hated what I did for the quilting?! Thanks, ladies, for your trust and sporting spirits!

For Danna's, I wanted to use a feather theme, much like Lorna's before her. This quilt actually features feathers in three different formats - undulating feathers in the borders, feather wreaths in the four corners of the large diamond, and meandering feathers in the center blocks. I love how it turned out!

And don't forget to notice the "Effortless Binding" on this quilt. Danna brought me excess fabric (in yardage format), and I cut, assembled, pressed, attached, and finished the binding. When she got the quilt back, it was completely ready to use!

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