Saturday, April 29, 2017

Linda's Snowman quilt

This is the second quilt of this kind that I've gotten to work on. The first was the class sample for Rumpled Quiltskins. I had fun trying to change it up a little bit to make this one unique. Nothing major, because my client liked the first one, but just a few differences here and there. I have to say, I kinda love how it turned out!

My quilty friend Linda made some subtle changes to the pattern when she pieced/appliqued/embroidered this one. And I got to improve on some ideas that I started in the original. For one, I repeated the snowflake pattern in the outer borders, but last time, I was sad they didn't show up better. So this time, I used TWO threads in my machine.

Even with two threads, I STILL wish the snowflakes were more prominent. They took a long time to trace and stitch. Maybe if I got to do another quilt like this, I'd try using something thicker - maybe like a DNC floss or doily thread. I'll have to do more research. Or perhaps I would use a totally different colored thread for the surrounding filler - like red or something dark.

Some small-scale swirls in the border, surrounding the snowflakes. And diagonal candy-cane strips in the inner two borders, treated as a single border. Loopty-Loops in the gray sashing strips.

I did a LOT of outlining in the snowman blocks. Around every single tree and snowman and scarf and mitten. I think it gave the details great definition.

This is one of my favorite parts - where this tree travels through TWO squares. Snowman propping it up in the bottom square, and squirrels playing on it at the top. So fun and whimsical!

These neighboring snow-people are giving each other Christmas gifts. Cute!

Pieced backing. Had to share a pic!


  1. Love your quilting on this Carrie! And thank you for showing how you managed your Two thread cones! I've been wondering about that myself! Are the cones just wedged on there, or did you modify something to get the second one to sit there?

    1. I just wedged it in there. No special apparatus or anything. The size of the Glide thread cones I was using just fit there perfectly.

    2. Okay great! Thank you! I had tried the cones on my machine after seeing your picture, and did the same thing, wedged the second one in, but haven't tried stitching with it yet. I use Glide too. I really appreciate your sharing all of your quilts and comments on your blog. Your quilting looks impeccable! Thank you for your reply too! All the best! K