Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunbonnet Sue

This quilt came from my client, Julie, who appliqued and pieced this quilt top several years ago. It was almost ruined in the High River (AB) flood of 2013. She carefully laundered it and worked at getting the tough stains out. Some of the beads were discolored, but Sunbonnet Sue is a survivor!

Every time I get to quilt for Julie, she reminds me that she wants it soft and cuddly, and NOT over-quilted. She's adamant about it! So for Julie, I tried to tone it back from my norm and keep it simple and sparse.

Somewhere in the life of this quilt, it developed a little tear in the fabric. I loaded some matching thread and ran a million tiny stitches over the area. It's not too terribly noticeable, and it will hold those raw edges safe from unraveling.

The beadwork and lace were beautiful embellishments to the very traditional little Sue. Although, the beads were a little tricky to work around. Some of them obligingly nudged out of the way, as my machine's hopping foot came by. Others stayed firmly put, so I had to raise and lower my needle, stroke by stroke, creating one stitch at a time until I got away from the beads. 

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