Monday, May 2, 2016

Mexican Wedding quilt

I recently got the pleasure of meeting a new client, Kathy. She made this small quilt for her nice as a bridal gift. The whole family and friends (some 70-ish people!) are flying to Cancun to witness the wedding. This very vibrant and cheerful quilt will be sure to fit the theme!

All quilting was done free-motion, hand-guided on a longarm quilting machine.

I used straight, parallel lines to radiate outward from the sun's rays and create structure in the background around the applique dancers. 

Kathy requested swirls - so I put them in the white inner border. I went with McTavishing in the pieced outer border (left below), because it has so much movement to it. Reminds me of dancing waves and water. Appropriate for a Cancun wedding, I'd say!

Kathy was up against a deadline, so she hired me to do the binding, in addition to the quilting. I attached it to the back, wrapped it around to the front, and machine sewed it on the front side.

I love when people send me follow-up photos! Here's the bride, opening her gift. Looks like she likes it!

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