Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dragonfly quilt

This very special wall-hanging came to me all the way from Newfoundland, Canada's Eastern-most province, WAY further east than any of the United States. People there have their own dialect and their own timezone! Get this, it's 30 MINUTES ahead of Atlantic time and 1.5 hours ahead of Eastern time. 30 minutes. Isn't that quirky and fun!?

Kellie, my new client, made this beautiful wall hanging to honor and remember her son, who passed away. When he was laid to rest, dragonflies flew up from the burial site, and thusly have become a very poignant symbol for Kellie. She asked me to incorporate dragonflies in the quilting. I was honored to do so.

I had never quilted a dragonfly before, so I looked up some examples online to audition with sketches. One of my quilting heroes Judi Madsen ( actually teaches a dragonfly template in a video tutorial on her blog. I watched it over and over again, learning her stitch path. I didn't end up using her exact dragonfly shape, because I wanted a little more whimsy and wispy imperfection, so I kinda melded several examples together.

This is the back side - quite a stunner itself. The appliqué dragonfly on the back reminded me of my own departed loved ones, and I lovingly thought of them while working on this piece.

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  1. So beautiful! How did you quilt the border? I'd love to try that but not sure how to go about it.