Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vanilla Bean Quilt

This WHALE of a quilt came from Gail, a new client and kindred quilter right here in my own hometown! She is active in a few local quilting groups, and these ladies are just so productive! I'm amazed by all the beautiful work they do!

As far as I can remember, this is the biggest piece I've quilted to date. It was 93x113". That's a lot of quilt! Still, I was able to load it horizontally on my frame, which was nice, because it allowed me to get more quilting done in fewer "swaths". Gail gave me plenty of extra backing fabric, which allowed for this. It was a single cut of extra-wide fabric, which meant no seams to try and finagle with. I love that extra-wide backing!

Thanks for trusting this beauty to me, Gail!

Just finished quilting, and re-rolling the whole thing back onto the belly bar, so I can start attaching binding at the top.

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