Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Weekend Trio

Recently my quilting friend Jane came to Okotoks to visit her daughter, my friend Lise, and brought me three tops to quilt for her. Jane lives about six hours from here, and I usually get quilting jobs from her in feasts and famines - often when she comes here or Lise goes there I get some beauties to quilt, and they get returned on the next family rendezvous months later. 

Jane was so patient with me recently as I started quilting on my new longarm quilting machine. I had a few of her quilts for MONTHS, as I honed my craft on my new machine. When she brought three tops for me to quilt on her most recent visit, I couldn't bare to make her wait yet again to receive the finished quilts until the next big family holiday. So I bared down and chugged through them as quickly as I dared, and was able to get them back to her before she ended her weekend visit. 

I'm only sad that I didn't get to keep them around longer to admire them more!

Jane said this quilt would be a donation to a hospital program, I believe. I used a stippling (aka, meandering) pattern that was a little less dense than normal, so that it would be soft and cuddly for someone in need. I've said it before, no matter how much I learn, I will never get tired of stippling.

Binding attached

The title of this quilt is Silvia's Sonnet. Isn't that a lovely name? And a lovely quilt. The gorgeous floral prints gave me flowers on the brain. Used an allover peony-like pattern in the middle portion, and some free-hand leaves and ribbon candy in the two borders. 

The fuzzy "fireside" fabric that Jane supplied for the backing gave this quilt lots of body and will be warm. Plus created some fun secondary effects on the back!

 This quilt was actually from Jane's friend, Paula. She said she was keeping this one for herself, so I couldn't help but put some flourishes in. Did some custom dot-to-dot quilting and loops in the middle section, and used my new peony pattern in the borders. Paula's batiks are so rich and dazzling to the eyes. She knows how to pick 'em!

Three friends, ready to go back home. Sorry to see them go!

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