Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sarah's Flannel Feathers

My friend Sarah made this quilt expressly for me to practice on. Thanks, Sarah! She placed large blocks intermittently throughout the piece, just to give me some open space to play. I decided to do several variations on feathers...
- some very formal with perfect circle wreaths
- some flowing freely wherever they wanted to go
- some with pearls in the spine
- some with curly cues instead of backtracking "hump and bump" feathers
- some that looked like oak leaves
- some that looked like hearts

It was a very good practice piece, and I think I found some new motifs that I like. I just wish you could reach through the screen and FEEL these flannel fabrics. Like buttah!

Such silky soft flannels - one little quilter couldn't keep her hands off!

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