Friday, July 28, 2017

Lots and LOTS of ruler work

Did I ever tell you, dear reader, that I listen to movies while I'm quilting? So, when I look back at these photos, I automatically imagine the movies I watched while I was working on it. This quilt was mostly the movie, "Dreamer", with Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell - and the audio commentary - and the extras about making the movie - and casting it - and training trick horses for it. This quilt took a LONG time!

All those straight lines/star bursts were achieved by dragging my machine's hopping foot along the straight edge of a special acrylic ruler, made 1/4" thick especially for longarm quilting. Ruler work is a really striking effect, but it takes FOREVER. Especially this piece, which was majority ruler work. I filled in the black background space with overlapping swirls, accented by pebbles.

Joy, this quilt's owner and piecer, told me to do custom quilting and "go nuts". I think I'm officially there. Now if I could just get the soundtrack to "Dreamer" out of my head!

1 comment:

  1. Great quilting choice! I like the way your star produced an interlocking design in the smaller areas in between and the way you handled it in the borders. I love the look of nice crisp lines with ruler work. The results are worth the effort! Impeccable work as usual :o). .