Friday, June 30, 2017

Rebecca's Heart quilt

What a cute little girl quilt this is! Rebecca did a wavy-piecing method that resulted in undulating curved seams. Cool! She also appliqued a sweet heart in the center of the piece. Too cute!

Here are a couple looks at the binding that I applied to Rebecca's quilt. I sewed it on the quilt while it's still on the frame. After removing from the frame, I trimmed the excess batting and backing fabric off. When Rebecca got it home, she was then able to wrap that binding around to the back side and hand-stitch in place. For those interested in binding services, I have lots of ways I can help. My newest piece of equipment allows me to do the COMPLETE binding for you. All you bring is yardage of fabric. I bind the quilt for you (from start to finish), and when you get the quilt back it's completely ready to use! Click here for prices and options.

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