Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rosemarie's Pineapple Quilt

Many of the projects I've quilted for Rosemarie have been gifts that she's made for others in her life. But this one was for her own house, which I love, because as I was quilting it, I knew that she'd get to enjoy her own handiwork and revel in the beauty of this piece.

She wanted a full-on custom job, and told me she didn't mind a little more intense than her usual order. I did a bunch of ruler work in the striking, pointy pineapple shapes. Narrow swirls in the inner and outer borders. I'm glad I didn't spend too much time putting an intricate design in those areas, because the fabrics have enough variation that you can't really see the quilting anyway. But I'm glad I put a little extra time in the center-most cream-colored area. It shows up well, and I think it looks really classy and elegant with an undulating spine with swirly feathers.

The thing that took the most time was all the outer cream background areas, with the twisted grid pattern. It was a stencil that I traced onto the fabric with water-soluble marker. The marking took FOREVER. I chose to do the grid on a 45º angle, which made it really difficult to keep track of where the "repeat" was happening, each time I picked up the stencil to mark the next open area. After a while, I was wondering if my eyes were crossing! But I got through, and I think it's a really nice effect - reminiscent of the grid-ish pattern on the outside of a fresh pineapple, in my opinion. I like it!

And it makes me happy that Rosemarie liked it, too. She wasn't in love with the quilt top, when she brought it to me. She was second-guessing the color choices. It happens more than you might think. So many decisions go into making the work of art that is a quilt, and it's not uncommon that quilters will fall out of love with their project as it comes together and takes shape. And it's such a shame when that happens, after all the hours and money spent cutting, piecing, and pressing. But sometimes (like this time), the quilting can actually help re-kindle the magic! Here's what Rosemarie texted me after she got home with this finished project...

"I just spread the big quilt out on a bed, and for sure the quilting is what makes it!!!! Fabulous job. I like it now - LOL! Thank you for your originality in quilting it. Rosemarie"

Woohoo! That's what any quilter would love to hear!! Thanks, Rosemarie! CB

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