Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Janet's Gigantic quilt

Don't the colors in this quilt just make you happier? So cheerful and bright! A funny story about how this quilt came to be: according to Janet, the pattern called for cutting strips 1 7/8", but she decided to just go ahead and cut them 2". Well, multiply that 1/8" difference times the number of strips in this quilt, and you get one ENORMOUS quilt! She finally just gave up when it reached 95x121". It called for more borders yet!

I had fun quilting an all-over design of peonies, to go with the floral prints throughout the quilt. Now all Janet needs to do is find a bed big enough to house this behemoth!

My quilting is all free-motion, hand-guided on a longarm quilting machine.


  1. Maybe you should quilt the behemoth I attempted to make years ago and gave up. It was intended for our double/single beds pushed together. Bigger than a king. Too bad I don't even like it anymore. I should cut it up and make it something else! Haha!

    1. Bigger than a king!? I'm curious... HOW big?? If one of the measurements is 125" or smaller, I could do it. The other measurement can be longer, but at least one direction must be 125" or smaller. I know exactly what you mean, though - I recently gave away a quilt that had been on our bed for a number of years. I remember being so proud of it when I first made it. And by now, I've gotten so much better at quilting that I couldn't stand to look at it anymore! Also, I recently cut up the first quilt I ever free-motion-quilted, back when we were living in Iowa, on my little Janome. The quilting is HORRIBLE, but the colors are still cute, so I cut it up and made it into a "coat of many colors" for Hoxie's birthday. Of course, it was too big, and she hated it because it didn't fit. I'm thinking it might fit by her birthday the year after next!