Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Betty's Quarter Log Cabins #2

My church friend Betty hired me for this quilt, which was a little sister to a larger version she gave me to practice on during my self-imposed training period when I got my longarm quilting machine back in August. I wanted to keep this one similar, but not exactly the same. Just for my own sanity. I thought I'd change it up a little. It was fun to see the progress I've made in developing my craft from the time I did the first quilt in September to now. 

This one has swirls in the interior of the quilt. Ribbon candy (I'm determined to get as good at them as Kathleen Riggins!) in the dark gray border. Serpentine lines in the light gray border. And then swirls-with-order in the broad outer border.

Here's the original post I did for the first quilt: 

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