Thursday, July 6, 2017

Two Baby Quilts

I love quilting small pieces, like these baby quilts. They are such a breath of fresh air for me, because most of my workload is larger pieces. I can whip right through these little darlings and not have to pace myself too much. These ones were made for babies in Texas and Montana. I used an edge-to-edge woodgrain motif on the feather-themed quilt for little Knox in Texas, and a paisleys on the cowgirl quilt for little Jaylee in Montana.

On these two quilts, I experimented with a new tool that I recently purchased, which allows me to apply binding to the quilt in one step (well, really, like, four steps... but that's fewer than normal!). I learned a lot of tricks and figured out some of my preference for using this new binding tool. And I'm happy to say that I'm ready to offer this service to my clients. All you have to do is bring me yardage - don't even cut it! And when you get the quilt back, it's bound and ready to use. It's that simple! Prices and descriptions for all of my binding options can be viewed here.

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