Saturday, December 8, 2018

Brenda's Xmas Quilt

This lovely Christmas quilt included some panel pieces that Brenda really liked and wanted to leave unobstructed. The larger panel squares were a tad too big to leave completely unquilted, so I simply put a straight line crosshatch through the middle, and then quilted filler around them.

And I love the way the binding turned out. It was my "Effortless Binding" service, and it just makes my heart happy to send a quilt out of the studio completely finished and edged off!


Barb P's Stars

After piecing this project, I have no doubt that Barb was "seeing stars". Look at all those stars! I bet Barb could piece half-square-triangles in her sleep now! This one was for one of her grandkids, and a nice utilitarian quilting scheme of edge-to-edge stippling will make a really cuddle and serviceable quilt for a very long time!


Barb W's Stars

Love the color scheme and prismatic effect of this quilt. The fabric selections, paired with the design/pattern, make it look like it's popping out at you! Barb wanted edge-to-edge quilting, and I felt like these paisleys added movement to assist in the 3D effect.


Barb W's Rail Fence

Here was a fun piece for me to quilt. I enjoyed experimenting with a newly learned method of "channel locking" my machine, to assist in making all those straight parallel lines. Believe it or not, straight lines are actually one of the more difficult elements for a free-hand quilter. Or at least laborious, if not difficult. But with my homemade channel-locking method, I really had fun! Maybe one day I'll just get a fancier machine that has a push-button channel locks!


Brenda's Brother's Quilt

Here's an extra special project. It was made by Brenda for her brother in Ontario. And the truly meaningful component is that the backing includes fleece pieces from the stash of their dearly departed mom. It will not only be warm and cozy, but memorable and comforting. So special.


Four from Leigh and Sandra

Sandra & Leigh make a dynamic mother-daughter duo - not to mention PRODUCTIVE! Each time they come to see me, they unfailingly bring, not just one quilt, but three or four! Here's a batch they whipped up recently. I loved trying a new "channel-lock" scheme to quilt parallel lines on the first one. I think it's a really modern, contemporary look!


Wendy's Quilt of Many Colors

Doesn't the color scheme of this piece just make you want to smile? Not to mention the excellent workmanship in the piecing and pressing. It made it really enjoyable for me to apply an edge-to-edge quilting design of meandering peonies. Love the yummy texture!


Katherine's Trees

This lovely piece came from a new client. She designed it and pieced it for their home. And with all those lovely birch trees in the quilt top, I felt like it should feature edge-to-edge woodgrain quilting - and Katherine agreed! Love the color scheme, too!