Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Forgotten Quilt

Oh, man! I was just looking back through my photos, trying to find a certain pic of my daughters, and I realized there was a quilt that I never posted! This one is from all the way back in October. At long last, here it is!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Karen's Scarlet & Tan quilt

Here's a gorgeous piece from Karen. I love these colors! And the solid tan border gave me a perfect playground for quilting some scrolling feathers. I also had fun applying my "effortless binding". It's so fun to give a quilt back to its owner completely finished!

Bouncing Baby quilt

This adorable baby quilt is so cheerful and happy! I quilted bouncing balls all over it. And with fuzzy fireside backing, it will be a so cuddly quilt for the child it's for.

Green & Black Stars

This quilt from Janet was made as a gift for a family member. It is absolutely lovely, and will be warm with cozy flannel as the backing. I applied an edge-to-edge quilting scheme of large-scale woodgrain. It will be serviceable for many years to come.

Jodi's Blue Dream

This quilt came to me from Ohio - from a cousin of mine! Jodi is a little bit distant family, but we are indeed related! We are second cousins, once removed. And even if we weren't blood relation, we'd be in the family of quilters!

A master quilter, this top was perfectly pieced. The blue hues had me in mind of the sky and the sea. So I quilted stars and waves throughout this piece. I also got to apply binding to it - which I LOVE to do! All finished up, and on its way back to Ohio!

A Comeback Quilt for Janice

This quilt was a total treat for me. A friend from my teenage years in Ohio, Janice now lives with her family in Nebraska. A few years back, they experienced a devastating home fire, and Janice lost her fabric stash, along with almost everything else in their home. Having experienced a flood in our home in 2013, I was familiar with the heartbreak of this kind of loss. I was so honored to be involved in this redeeming quilt project for her.

Christmas Quilt in February

This quilt was given to me AFTER Christmas, so don't blame me for being this far behind! Ha! Brenda certainly has "the hunger" for quilting! When I returned a previous quilt to her, she gave me this one to do next. She's on a roll!

We weren't sure what color of thread to use. The contrast between colors is pretty bold. So, we opted for clear monofilament thread. It achieved the subtlety that Brenda wanted for the quilting. 

Gloria's Flower Garden

Ummmm..... amazing! That's all I can say. Look at all this AMAZING applique! Gloria is so tenacious with her quilts! She must have the patience of Job!

It was my honor to quilt this piece. After investing all those hours into the quilt top, it was so touching that she trusted me to quilt it for her.