Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quilter That Shall Not Be Named

This quilt is only posted on a promise that I would NOT share the piecer's name. She is so stinkin' humble about the quality of this project! It was purchased as a kit, and she wasn't in love with it, and she kept saying it wasn't perfect and not to look too closely. And I'm here to tell you, I DID look at it closely (it's kinda my JOB to look at every single inch, as I quilt through each quilt top! Ha), and it is wonderful!

Though the colors aren't necessarily within her (or my) range of comfort, they are no less fabulous! Cheerful and happy and smile-inducing! The quality of workmanship in piecing and pressing was outstanding! Edge-to-edge "rosebud" quilting (combo of swirls and football-shaped leaves) was the order of the day, and I think the whole thing turned out beautifully!

My quilting is free-motion, hand-guided on a longarm quilting machine.

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