Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Renee's Double Wedding Ring quilt

I have always loved double wedding ring quilts. It is a very traditional, time-honored quilt pattern. An elemental part of the history of American/Canadian quilt making. However, I've yet to ever get to work on one myself. To make a DWR quilt the traditional way - piecing - requires curved seams and lots of fussing, and I just never got around to taking it on.

This wonderfully modern DWR quilt was achieved by applique. Lots and LOTS of applique! Still pretty fussy, but perhaps in a more straight-forward way. Renee would have to give us her opinion on that! No matter what, I think it turned out beautifully!

I incorporated a few simple quilting designs in this piece, but nothing that got too crazy. If it had been a more traditional design/color scheme, I might have been tempted to drench the background spaces in feathers. But I wanted to steer clear of any traditional motifs and keep this one strictly modern.

The shaping of all those intertwining circles (aka "double wedding rings") are the striking component of this quilt. The quilting just needed to honor that.

Swirls and free-hand serpentine in the outer borders. Piano keys in the periwinkle inner borders. Ribbon candy in the wedding rings. Swirls and hooks in the background. And light ruler work alternating with orange peal in the corner stone blocks.

My quilting is all free-motion, hand-guided on a longarm quilting machine.

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